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Polyform US HTM Series - HTM 1 - 5.5"x 6.3" (39.4x16.2cms)

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Polyform US HTM Series - HTM 1 - 5.5"x 6.3" (39.4x16.2cms)
Polyform HTM fenders are highly versatile and can be used either vertically or horizontally on your boat, strung along the edge of the dock or pontoon for use as quay fendering or can even be used as dinghy rollers.
  • Moulded-inribbed construction makes them30% less abrasive than smooth fenders.
  • Inflatable eye is reinforced and moulded in to fender.
  • Unique vinyl valve and nylon screw for airtight seal.
  • Seamless finish, UV resistant.
  • Consistent heat control during manufacture eliminates weak spots or ‘runs' in the vinyl.
  • Colours guaranteed not to mark.
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Size 15.5" x 6.3" (39.4 x 16.2cms)
Hole Diameter 5/8" (1.59cms)
Suitable for boats up to 8.5m
With freeboard from 47cm unless fitted horizontally.
Available in

  Compass Marine Black