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Majoni Brass Adaptor
Robust Brass inflation adaptor for Majon fenders. Use with a car foot pump, bicycle pump or compressor (anything with a schrader valve).  For all Majoni fenders

Fender Flutes (Pair)

Easy to use fast fender adjustment.  No need to tie fender ropes and no more lost fenders

  • Fits 4-6mm wire guard rail / lifeline
  • Fits 22mm 25mm rail
  • Suitable for 8mm fender ropes
Price is per pair

Simple to use single-handed fastening, height and lateral adjustment and resists sliding sideways on the rail.

Suitable for wire or rail up to 32mm

2 per pack

Available in 3 sizes

Anchor Marine Bow Fender
Protect the front of your boat with our classic Anchor Marine Bow fenders.  These bow fenders have a heftier inflated front for nose on mooring.

Lightweight Marker Buoy - Small
15cm diam x 21cm High

2kgs Buoyancy

Available in yellow only

Lightweight Marker Buoy - Medium
21cm diam x 28cm High

4kgs Buoyancy

Available in yellow only

Lightweight Marker Buoy - Large
26cm diam x 36cm High

8kgs Buoyancy

Available in yellow only

Lightweight Marker Buoy - Extra Large
35cm diam x 40cm High

22kgs Buoyancy

Available in yellow only

PG5 Heavy Duty Dock Extrusion
Manufactured exclusively by Compass Marine the PG5 is the heaviest duty of the extrusions due to being made to thicker gauge than other profiles available.

Size 1.850m (6 feet).  
Extruded Vinyl pontoon fender. 
Easy to fit with self tapping screws. This fender can be cut down as required.
Shackle Opener
316 stainless steel

Can also be used as screwdriver and bottle opener!

Galvanised Bow Shackle 5mm
Galvanised Bow Shackle 5mm
Bar size 4.6mm
Pin size 4.6mm
Opening 10mm
Height - pin to top of shackle 19mm
Breaking Load - 160kgs
Galvanised Bow Shackle 6mm
Galvanised Bow Shackle 6mm
Bar size 5.4mm
Pin size 5.4mm
Opening 14mm
Height - pin to top of shackle 26mm
Breaking Load - 200kgs
Galvanised Bow Shackle 8mm
Galvanised Bow Shackle 8mm
Bar size 7mm
Pin size 7mm
Opening 18mm
Height - pin to top of shackle 33mm
Breaking Load - 400kgs
Galvanised Bow Shackle 10mm
Galvanised Bow Shackle 10mm
Bar size 8.8mm
Pin size 8.8mm
Opening 19mm
Height - pin to top of shackle 36mm
Breaking Load - 640kgs
Galvanised Bow Shackle 11mm
Galvanised Bow Shackle 11mm
Bar size 10.8mm
Pin size 10.8mm
Opening 26mm
Height - pin to top of shackle 49mm
Breaking Load - 1040kgs

Galvanised Bow Shackle 13mm
Galvanised Bow Shackle 13mm
Bar size 13mm
Pin size 13mm
Opening 27mm
Height - pin to top of shackle 52mm
Breaking Load 1300kgs
Galvanised Bow Shackle 16mm
Galvanised Bow Shackle 16mm
Bar size 15mm
Pin size 15mm
Opening 31mm
Height - pin to top of shackle 60mm
Breaking Load 1600kgs

Suitable for use with buoys- Polyform Norway A2, A3, Majoni Black Top Buoy 1,2,3, 4, 5