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Bow Fender

Sometimes there is a need to protect the bows of the boat.

Our traditional Bow Fenders are ideal as they will stay in position well.  There is a central hole for tying down as well as a fixing point at the ends of the arms.

For more protection see our exclusive Stem Fenders which protect the as much of the stem as you like.  Multi fenders are highly versatile and bend to allow for the more unusual shaped bows while the Arc Fender is a handy step, extra fender or bow fender!

 Bow Fenders  Bow Fenders Bow Fenders   Bow Fenders
Anchor Marine Bow Fender
Protect the front of your boat with our classic Anchor Marine Bow fenders.  These bow fenders have a heftier inflated front for nose on mooring.

Majoni Bow Fender - Small
Bow Fender  - Small
Each arm - 38cms (15")

Majoni Bow Fender - Large
Bow Fender  - Large
Each arm -55cms (19")
Majoni  Stem Fender
PVC Inflatable Stem fender. (Do not over-inflate to avoid misshaping)
Size 14cm wide x 60cm long.
Compass Marine Stem Fender Small
Size 35cm wide x 50cm long.

Use 5mm ropes for attaching.

Compass Marine Stem Fender Medium
Size 45cm wide x 80cm long.
Use 5mm ropes for attaching.
Compass Marine Stem Fender Large
Size 55cm wide x 100cm long.

Use 5mm ropes for attaching.

Majoni Multistrip Fender
An incredibly versatile, flexible fender.

Can be used as a bow fender, transom fender, pole fender, dock fender or for many other applications. 

Dimensions 60cm long x 7cm high x 6cm deep. 
Majoni  Multifender
A flexible fender with uses including bow fenders, dock fenders, fendering for pilings and posts, low freeboard fenders, swim platform fenders the list goes on and on!

Dimensions 60cm x 30cm x 8cm.

Available in White, Black and Navy

Majoni Arc Fender
The brilliant, versatile Arc Fender can be used as a Step Fender, a bow fender and is excellent for rafting and stern-to mooring as it will stay in position and not roll out of the way.

The black rope eyes are solid for strength which is a important if it is being used as a step.

54cm wide x 43cm high x 20cm deep. 
Manilla Rope Bow Fender - Small
Ideal for traditional dinghies and tenders up to about 16ft.  Manilla rope bow fender with chain connection.

Small size - 40cm long
Manilla Rope Bow Fender - Large
Ideal for traditional dinghies and tenders up to about 16ft.  Manilla rope bow fender with chain connection.

Large size - 70cm long