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Stem Fenders

The Stem Fender protects the stem of the boat whether moored bow on to a pontoon, on a swinging mooring or at anchor.
  • Pre-formed from a durable, extremely high impact resistant, low abrasion 10mm closed cell foam.
  • Resistant to ultra violet and oil.
  • Has reinforced eyes.
  • Light weight, easy to put on, take off and stow.
  • Attaches with 5mm lines.
Compass Marine Stem Fender in Action
Majoni  Stem Fender
PVC Inflatable Stem fender. (Do not over-inflate to avoid misshaping)
Size 14cm wide x 60cm long.
Compass Marine Stem Fender Small
Size 35cm wide x 50cm long.

Use 5mm ropes for attaching.

Compass Marine Stem Fender Medium
Size 45cm wide x 80cm long.
Use 5mm ropes for attaching.
Compass Marine Stem Fender Large
Size 55cm wide x 100cm long.

Use 5mm ropes for attaching.