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Lifebuoys are important pieces of safety equipment. In some situations they are a requirement.  Here at Compass Marine we have several different options to suit every budget.

 Compass Marine LifebuoysCompass Marine LifebuoysCompass Marine Lifebuoys

Baltic Horseshoe Lifebuoy Set
Full set - lifebuoy, bracket, drogue, & light
  • Standard Lifebuoy in high visiblity colours.
  • Lifebuoy bracket fits 22mm or 25mm, rail or stanchion.
  • Drogue for reducing windage.
  • LED light attached to lifebuoy bracket.

Majoni PVC Lifering
A 60cm diameter lifering complete with grab rope.  Manufactured from high grade PVC the hole is 39cm diameter.  This buoy will fit on both Nawa and Baltic lifebuoy brackets.


Talamex Lifebuoy Safety Set
The ultimate lifebuoy set with everything you need for that unforseen emergency!

  • Orange Horseshoe Lifebuoy
  • Protective Cover keeps the whole set to hand and protects the buoy from UV
  • Velcro straps mean that it can be fitted to any rail or wire
  • Includes battery operated light
  • 30m of floating high vis safety rope attached

Baltic Lifebuoy
  • Fits any standard Lifebuoy Bracket.
  • Grab rope around the edge 
RRP £34.99
Nawa Lifebuoy Bracket
The Nawa Lifebuoy Bracket will hold any standard lifebuoy and fixes to the rail or stanchion.
  • Made of 316 stainless steel.
  • Connector is UV resistant nylon.
  • Will fit 22mm and 25mm rail or stanchion.

Compass Marine Floating Rope
A ready made floating safety rope which comes complete with a nylon snaphook for attaching to a life ring or life belt to make the retrieval of a man overboard safer and easier.

30m of 10mm high visibility, orange floating rope.