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Hull & Topside Protection

Often boaters find they need an extra layer of protection between their hull and their fenders.
At Compass Marine we can offer products such as Fender Blankets & Cushions that ensure a clean side remains against your boat at all times.
We also offer Anti-Scuff Sleeves that protect your topsides from line and rope abrasion.

 Anti Scuff Sleeves  Fender Blanket Fender Cushions 

Fender Cushions and Blankets

Fender Cushions and BlanketsFender Cushions and Blankets are the best  products to protect your hull from dirt on your (or other people's!) fenders.

Anti Scuff Products

Anti Scuff ProductsHeavy-duty Anti-Scuff Sleeves prevent scuffing from ropes and lines against your hull and top sides.