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Boat Fender Ropes & Accessories

All fenders need lines to attach them and all boats need somewhere to store ropes and lines tidily out of the way. 
Compass Marine offers a range of white and coloured fender ropes with an eye spliced in one end for easy and quick attachment to fenders.  We also offer a splicing service where we will splice these ropes directly onto any fenders ordered from us.
Keep all your mooring ropes and lines in order and within easy reach with our rail mounted rope tidy.
Our handy fender cleats are great for solo boaters, enabling them to raise or lower the height of their fenders in a hurry.
Floating, high visibility safety rope is perfect for man overboard situations.

Fender Ropes

Fender RopesChoose from our made-in-house Compass Marine Fender Ropes made from high quality, Gleistein 3 strand 8mm polyester rope.  Available in white, dark blue, burgundy and black all with an eye spliced in one end for ease of use.

or Kingfisher top quality, hard wearing fender lanyards  made from super soft braided rope.  With good abrasion resistance and a high breaking strength, the ends are whipped for a nice, neat finish with an eye at the other end for ease of use.

Clamcleats Fender Cleats

Clamcleats Fender Cleats

These cleverly designed fender cleats enable you (or your crew!) to raise or lower the height of your fenders in a hurry.

Rope Tidy

Rope TidyThis handy Rope Tidy from Nawa attaches to any 25,30 or 32mm rail or stanchion and will keep those stray lines neatly out of the way and ready for use at a moment's notice! If your rail is smaller than 25mm simply use some rubber hose or tape to pack a 25mm connector. 

Floating Rope

Floating RopeBright orange, highly visible, floating rope, when attached to a lifebuoy makes the retrieval of a man overboard simpler and safer.