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Polyform US CC Series - CC1 - 10.5"Dia (27)cms

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Polyform US CC Series - CC1 - 10.5"Dia (27)cmsThe Polyform Norway CC2 can be used as a mooring buoy, an anchor marker buoy or a spar buoy.

  • Flexible central tube for chain or pole.
  • Moulded seamless construction.

Size 10.5"Dia x 13"Hgt (27x33)cms                        

Buoyancy  11.7kgs

Tube Diameter 1.5" diam (3.8cm) 

Only available in RED

Polyform US - CC Series Mooring Buoys
CC Mooring Advice
When using the CC Series as a mooring buoy following these simple instructions will achieve the maximum use and durability of the product.
  1. The CC Series has a flexible centre tube and you must first insert a rigid PVC or aluminium pipe into it. DO NOT inflate the buoy until you have inserted the pipe.
  2. For easy insertion lubricate both the tube and the pipe prior to inserting. Make the pipe long enough to have about 8 cm extending beyond both the top and the bottom of the buoy.
  3. Insert an appropriately sized pin for your load through the chain and the top of the pipe.
  4. Attach a moused shackle to the chain at the bottom of the buoy.
    (moused shackle means fixing a wire or cable tie through the eye of the shackle pin and then onto the shackle to ensure the shackle remains firmly secured).
  5. Attach the mooring or anchor chain from the sea bed to the shackle.
  6. Attach the mooring line, with a thimble in the end onto the same shackle.

    You can now be confident that your boat is securely moored to the ground tackle and not just to the buoy.