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Boat Fender Cover for Polyform Norway / US F Series Fenders

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Boat Fender Cover for Polyform Norway / US F Series Fenders

These covers are for both Polyform Norway and Polyform US F Series Fenders

To fit F1  £8.50
To fit F02 £9.00
To fit F2  £9.50
To fit F3  £10.00
To fit F4  £14.50
To fit F5  £12.50
To fit F6  £24.50
To fit F7  £32.00
To fit F8  £48.00
To fit F11 £48.00
To fit F13 £50.00

Fender covers made to fit Polyform Norway /Polyform US F Series Fenders


Compass Marine Hard Wearing Fender Covers
  • Great quality, hard wearing Fender Covers.
  • Manufactured in-house by Compass Marine these covers are probably the hardest wearing
    fender covers in the world!
  • Made from a heavy duty, man made fibre pile material designed not to hold water.
  • Drawstring top and bottom for easy and secure fitting.
  • Unlike other covers on the market, when these covers eventually get a small hole in them
    they do not run and ladder or spring apart into larger holes.

    Please note if your fenders are not Majoni or Polyform your covers will need to be made to measure. Please select that product section and follow the instructions there.

Available in Navy Blue & Black

Please note that although very hard wearing, the black material has occasionally been known to fade to green.

If you would like a sample of the cover material please click here to email us