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Dura Floats - Foam Filled Hard Shell Buoys

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Dura Floats - Foam Filled Hard Shell Buoys

The Dura Float is a foam filled, hard shell buoy which can be used for an area that you wish to mark off. Swimming areas, rowing lanes, water ski courses and much more can be designated quickly and simply by using the floats singly or strung together.

The floats are 20cm by 20cm and available in yellow or orange.

They weigh 3.2kgs with 0.8kgs buoyancy and have a 30mm central hole which is easily takes our floating rope.

If you are a club, waterpark, council or simply holding a one off event and would like bespoke buoyed lines we are happy to quote for all your requirements. Simply email us and we would be delighted to help.

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