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Flag etiquette is a combination of law, good manners and tradition. Being ill-informed of your obligations could lead you to cause insult at home or abroad by giving a signal you do not intend to give, or could lead you to a fine for breaking the law" RYA official Website
Ensigns - these are flags allocated the most senior position at the back of the boat and will denote the nationality of the vessel - UK boats should wear the Red Ensign unless entitled to wear a Special Ensign.
Courtesy  Flags - these are flown by visiting boats in foreign waters as a sign of respect.They are flown  on single masted vessels from the starboard spreaders along with any signalling flags. On a multi-masted vessel they are customarily worn at the foremasthead, or from the jackstaff of vessels without masts.  The only flag allowed to be flown above a Courtesy Flag is the Burgee which should be on the masthead
The flagstaffs are available in different styles and lengths.

Click here for our guide to choosing the right sized flag
Red Ensigns
Compass Marine Ensigns
  • It is a requirement of maritime law that a UK vessel flies an Ensign from the stern
  • You should only fly an Ensign never Crosses of St George or St Andrew, the Union Jack or the Welsh Dragon as these are land flags and could be confused with signalling flags
  • Click here for our guide on how to choose the correct sized flag for your craft.
Courtesy Flags
Compass Marine Courtesy Flags
  • Courtesy flags are not a legal requirement for visiting craft but courtesy flags should always be flown to show that you respect the laws and sovereignty of the country
  • Tatty and faded courtesy flags may cause offence in a port
  • If you wish to fly an area flag e.g. Devon or Bretton, the flag would be flown BELOW the National flag
  • They should be flown from either the masthead, starboard spreader or port spreader
Flagstaffs and Pennant Staffs
Compass Marine FlagstaffsPennant Staff
  • All our flagstaffs fit a 19mm or 25mm socket and our pennant
    staffs will fit 20mm-25mm rail
  • Available in various sizes and finishes to suit all sizes of craft and sizes of budget!
  • click here for our flagpole sizing guide
  • click here for our guide on how to attach a flag to a flagstaff
Flagpole Holders
Compass Marine Flagpole Holders
    • We have flagpole holders that can be screwed straight onto the deck
    • We also have flagpole holders which attach to a rail
    • Available for standard 25mm flagpoles as well as smaller 19mm flagpoles
    Signal Flags
    Compass Marine Signal Flags
    • Most boats carry a set of signal flags.
    • Some signal flags are mandatory when entering ports, others are a back up in the case of electronic failure.
    • It is also nice to have a set of signal flags so you can 'dress overall' on important British days or in the presence of a Royal Standard
    • Click here for our guide to signal flags and their meanings.
    Bunting & Novelty Flags
    Compass Marine BuntingCompass Marine Novelty Flags
    • Signal Flag Bunting is a nice little extra for days when you want to be 'dressed overall' at a regatta or other special occasion
    • Why not add a touch of humour with our novelty flag range
    • Not a requirement but a nice thing to have!