Which Size Flag & Flagstaff Will You Need?

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Flagstaff - The length of your flagstaff depends on the size of the flag, which in turn depends on the length of the boat! 
Ensigns - The horizontal measurement of a flag is know as the Fly and the vertical measurement is know as the Hoist
An old rule for sizing Ensigns is to allow 1" of the Fly for every foot of boat. Ensigns are usually measured across the diagonal.
Here is our guide loosley based on the old rule!
Boat Length   Flag Size   Flagstaff Size
21-26ft   3/4yd flag   60-80cm flagstaff
27-34ft   1yd flag   80-100cm flagstaff
35-42ft   1 1/4yd flag   90-100cm flagstaff
43-50ft   1 1/2yd flag   100-125cm flagstaff
50-60ft   2yd flag  
The rule regarding Courtesy Flags is 1/2" on the Fly for every foot of boat.