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All boaters will at some point need round fenders or buoys.  Whether you need a mooring buoy, or a pick- up buoy to make mooring easier or just round fenders for the bow of your boat, we have the products for you.
We also offer help and advice for choosing and using your buoys - see the links on the product pages for each type of buoy we offer.  If you still have questions please feel free to email or call us for further help.

Majoni Solid Eye Buoys

Majoni Solid Eye Buoys
Majoni Solid Eye Buoys
  • Solid eye, round fenders
  • Replaceable brass valve for inflating
  • Available in white, navy, black and orange guaranteed not to mark
  • Free plastic inflation adaptor
  • Robust brass adaptor available (£3.50)
Majoni Rod Mooring Buoys
Majoni Rod Mooring Buoys
  • 35% more buoyancy than hard shell buoys
  • Easy to use with galvanised iron bars
  • Moulded in one piece from high grade marine vinyl
  • Free plastic inflation adaptor
  • Robust brass adaptor available (£3.50)                              
 Polyform Norway CC Series Buoys
Polyform Norway CC Group
  • Use the Polyform Norway CC Series as a mooring buoy, anchor marker buoy or a spar buoy 
  • Flexible central tube for pole
  • Moulded Seamless construction
 Polyform Norway A Series Buoys
Polyform Norway A Series Buoys
  • Extra strong, ribbed, reinforced eye
  • Unique valve and recessed screw for airtight seal
  • Seamless finish and sturdy, uniform wall thickness
 Polyform Norway MR Foam Buoys
Polyform Norway MR Buoys
  • Made from solid, closed cell EVA foam (BACELL)
  • Non inflatable, completely puncture proof
  • Galvanised rod and swivel
 Polyform Norway MB Hard Shell Foam Filled Buoys
Polyorm Norway MB BuoysPolyform Norway MB Buoys
  • Hard shell polyethelene outside filled with polystyrene foam
  • Very high compressive strength
  • Galvanised rod and swivel
 Polyform US A Series Buoys
Polyform A Series Fenders
  • Round fenders to be hung on the bow with solid, moulded in eye.
  • Huge range of sizes and colours, UVA proof and guaranteed not to mark your hull
  • The Polyform A Series Fenders is the strongest buoy of it's type on the market.
 Majoni Pick Up Buoys

Majoni Pick Up Buoys
  • Easy to grab, moulded in handle 
  • Eye takes 22mm rope
  • 2 sizes available
  • Free plastic inflation adaptor
  • Robust brass adaptor available (£3.50)