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Multifender & Multistrip

The Multifender and Multistrip can be used as flat fenders, bow fenders, a low freeboard side fenders, pontoon corner fenders, fender for pilings even on a swim platform.

Completely flexible

Avilable in white, navy and black.

 Multi Fenders Multi Fenders   Multi Fenders Multi Fenders 

Majoni Multistrip Fender
An incredibly versatile, flexible fender.

Can be used as a bow fender, transom fender, pole fender, dock fender or for many other applications. 

Dimensions 60cm long x 7cm high x 6cm deep. 
Majoni  Multifender
A flexible fender with uses including bow fenders, dock fenders, fendering for pilings and posts, low freeboard fenders, swim platform fenders the list goes on and on!

Dimensions 60cm x 30cm x 8cm.

Available in White, Black and Navy