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Gleistein 3 Strand Polyester Mooring Rope 18mm - Navy

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Gleistein 3 Strand Polyester Mooring Rope 18mm - Navy
We go up to 30m as standard but longer lengths are available on request

Navy Blue 18mm Mooring line

Breaking strain 6400kgs

Top quality Gleistein  3 strand polyester.  Spliced to your requirements for £8.00 per splice. Eye splice 25cm (10")
Rope priced per metre.

 Eye with thimble Eye Splice with metal thimble - Thimbles give a solid, hard surface for ropes when joining to chain with shackles etc.  Our galvanised thimbles are British Standard Hot Dipped Galvanised so have longer lasting corrosion resistance.
 Back Splice  Back Splice - keeps the ends of the rope neat and tidy
 eyesplice  Eye Splice (on mooring lines these are 25cm unless a different size is requested) - ready for a cleat

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