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Fender Baskets

  • Made from high grade, electropolished 316 marine grade stainless steel.
  • Attach to straight rails, curved pushpit or pulpit rails, stanchions or onto any flat surface.
  • For assembly, the easy to use swivel connectors (basket to rail) and parallel connectors (basket to basket) allow the baskets to be joined together in any number of the same size baskets using only a screwdriver.

The complete sets will come with all the requisite parts but will require some assembly, which couldn't be simpler. Click here for our handy step by step guide to mounting fender baskets
Nawa Fender Baskets in Action
Nawa Fender Baskets set of 3 x 305mm complete
To fit:-
Majoni Star 5, Drop 5 (both of these if not over-inflated), HD4 (a little slack)
Polyform F6
 Any brand fender with max diameter of 295mm

Set comprises
3 x 305mm Fender Baskets
3 x Swivel Connectors
2pr x Parallel Connectors
Our Price 158.72
Nawa Fender Baskets - Swivel Connector
This connector connects the baskets to your rail
The swivel connectors come in 3 sizes -
For rails with a diameter of 25mm, 30mm and 32mm
If your rail is only 22mm then use a 25mm connector and pack it with some hose or tape.
RRP £8.99
Our Price 8.95