Compass Marine | Dock & Quay Fenders
Compass Marine - Dock FendersCompass Marine - Dock FendersCompass Marine - Dock FendersCompass Marine - Dock Fenders

The type of dock fendering you will choose depends upon where your mooring is, the level of protection required and budget.

Dock Bumpers
Articulated Corner BumperDock Bumper
  • Can be screwed on, bolted on, tied on or attached with cable ties.
  • Can be used initially without fenders, once safely onto your pontoon simply put your standard fenders out to ensure protection while in port.
  • Valve for inflating and deflating
PG Series Pontoon Fendering

PG Dock FendersPG Dock FendersPG Dock Fenders
  • Moulded (PG1 & 2) and extruded (PG3, 4,) from non-marking PVC.
  • Easy to fit with self tapping screws.
  • The longer lengths can be cut down as required.
 Polyform US HTM (hole through middle) Series

HTM Quay FendersPolyform HTM Boat Fenders
  • Hole Through Middle Fenders are incredibly versatile, use vertically or horizontally 
  • No eye so no weak point which can be 'dragged'
  • Ribbed finish to disperse shock along whole fender
Majoni Centre Hole Boat Fenders
Majoni Centre Hole Boat Fenders
  • Smooth. even colour finish 
  • Add protection to dock, pontoon or quay by stringing them along hoiizontally
  • Can even be used as dinghy rollers!
Flat Multifender and Multistrip

Compass Marine MultifenderCompass Marine Multi FenderMultistrip
  • Some of the most versatile fendering available today
  • Use on pilings, swim platforms, pontoons, stems and more
  • Perfect for dock corners