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Clamcleats Fender / Large Loop Cleat

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Clamcleats Fender / Large Loop Cleat
Raise and lower the height of your fenders quickly with no need for fiddling arounf with knots!
  • Because of their ‘user friendly' nature, height adjustment is fast and very simple.
  • Permanently attached to the fender line they will take 6mm – 10mm rope.
  • These can be used on rail, wire or deck cleats.

Compass Marine | Fitting a Clamcleats Fender Cleat

Clamcleats Fender Cleats - Step by Step Fitting Guide
Clamcleats Fender Cleat
  • Step 1- Ensure your fender is attached to your fender rope.
  • Step 2 - Hold the cleat with the holes running vertically and the knob at the bottom
  • Step 3 - Beginning from the back weave the end of the fender rope through the top hole, back through the second hole and so on until all holes have been used, the end of the rope will now be loose at the back of the cleat
  • Step 4 - In between the holes at the back of the cleat there is a depression, push the end of the rope into this depression and under the loop of rope, pull tight.
Clamcleats Fender Cleat In Action
  • Step 5 - To use the cleat, take a turn round the rail or wire as you would if you were tying a knot (this will stop the fender sliding sideways) then put the loose end into the jaws of the cleat.  When you have the fender at the required height simply pull the rope down and push the cleat gently away from you.

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