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Bunting & Novelty Flags

Signal Bunting is a lovely addition to any craft, giving you the option of Dressing Overall at regattas or on special occasions.

Novelty flags just show that you have a good sense of humour!
Code Flag Bunting
Our code flag bunting includes 40 code flags (letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-10, and three signal flags). Made from colourful, lightweight polyester, it is intended for decorative use around your home, office, garden or to dress your boat overall.

Length 50-ft (15m).

Our Price 29.99
Compass Marine  Jolly Roger
For the Jack Sparrows amongst you!
Our Price 7.99
Compass Marine  Drinks Flag
Open the Champagne & get the party going!
Our Price 7.99
Compass Marine Signal Flag Bunting
Signal Flag Bunting
  • 12m Long
  • 40 Polyester flags 14x20 (7"x4")
  • Suitable for "Dressing Overall"


Our Price 29.99