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Shackles & Thimbles

Shackles & Thimbles
Our British Standard hot dipped galvanised bow shackles are more corrosion resistant. The Hot Dipping process fuses the molten zinc into the steel rather than just having a surface coating. The bow shackles can be used for joining galvanised chain or rope to buoys etc. as well as having many other uses on a boat.

Thimbles give a solid, hard surface for ropes when joining to chain with shackles etc.  Our galvanised thimbles are British Standard Hot Dipped Galvanised so have longer lasting corrosion resistance.

An essential piece of kit for mooring and myriad other things on your boat!

Solid Eye Buoys

Solid Eye BuoysSolid eye buoys can be used for marker buoys, mooring buoys and lane markers as well as standard fenders.  All our buoys have solid eyes and are very heavy duty.  Colours do not mark your boat!

Lightweight Marker Buoys

Lightweight Marker BuoysLightweight, inflatable PVC Marker buoy for anchor trip, lazy lines, swim lane / rowing lane markers.

Polyform CC Buoys

Polyform  CC BuoysThe Polyform CC can be used as a mooring buoy, an anchor marker buoy or a spar buoy.

  • Flexible central tube for chain or pole.
  • Moulded seamless construction.

Rod Mooring Buoys

Rod Mooring BuoysHere you will find Majoni rod buoys with long or short bars as well as foam filled, solid mooring buoys from Polyform Norway.

Majoni Pick Up Buoy

Majoni Pick Up BuoyWith an easy to grab handle, these buoys are ideal for small boat mooring buoys or a pick-up for larger moorings.

Rowing/Swim Lane Markers

Rowing/Swim Lane MarkersHole through the middle fenders can be used for Rowing Lane Markers, Swim Lane Markers or for buoying off areas.

If you are a club, waterpark, council or simply holding a one off event and would like bespoke buoyed lines we are happy to quote for all your requirements. Simply email us and we would be delighted to help.