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What we do best!  After all we are the number one fender specialists in Europe.  Whatever sized craft you have we have the boat fenders for you.  Use our handy filtering system to find your fender by size, colour, shape or recommended boat size.  But if in doubt email or call us.  We are always happy to help and we know an awful lot about fenders!

Standard Cylindrical Fenders

Standard Cylindrical FendersShop here for all standard, cylindrical fenders.  Including fenders with two eyes, single eye fenders, hole through the middle fenders.  For all sizes of boat and craft.

Centre Hole Fenders

Centre Hole FendersFenders with a whole straight through the middle.  Ideal either as normal fenders deal for use as lane markers or as quay bumpers.  The most versatile of all fenders!

Round Fenders

Round FendersRound fenders are usually on either side of the bow where extra protection is needed.  You are trying to create a 'wall' with your standard fenders between your boat and the rest of the world!  All our round fenders have solid eyes and are very heavy duty.  Colours do not mark your boat.

Bow Fender

Bow Fender

Our Bow Fenders stay in position well for bow protection.

Fender Step

Fender Step

This great fender doubles as a handy step!  The Fender Step has a non-slip surface at the top to prevent accidents while climbing on and off your boat.

Multifender & Multistrip

Multifender & MultistripAn extremely versatile Multifender which can be used on sides, stems, pontoons, swim platforms.

Low Freeboard Fenders

Low Freeboard FendersLow freeboard boats can be difficult to protect well.  Never fear!  Compass marine have several fenders that are perfect for low freeboard boats.  Including Angle fenders and Chubby fenders, all of which provide robust protection while not hanging too low.

Rib Fenders

Rib FendersDeveloped and designed exclusively by Compass Marine this Rib Fender is made from shaped EVA foam and is proving a must for owners wanting to protect the tubes on their ribs or any inflatable tender.

Stem Fenders

Stem FendersExclusively designed and developed by Compass Marine, Stem Fenders can protect the entire length of the stem of your boat and help to save hundreds of pounds in repairs.

Canal boat & Narrowboat Fenders

Canal boat & Narrowboat Fenders

for the heaviest  Narrowboats & Barges to the smallest River Craft. 

Dock & Quay Fendering

Dock & Quay Fendering
Dock fendering
adds a layer of protection for your boat during rough weather and makes mooring easier for single handed yachtsmen.

Majoni Anchor Ring

Majoni Anchor RingThis ingenious little item offers protection for the boat from the anchor.