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Lifejackets & Safety Items

So, what is the difference between a buoyany aid and a lifejacket? And does it really matter?

Well the difference is small, but it matters a lot. A buoyancy aid is just that. An AID. It will help you to float when you are in the water, but it won’t do it all for you. If you’re conscious and treading water, a buoyancy aid, if correctly fitted and weight appropriate, is a brilliant help and an important safety device.

A lifejacket, however, will save your life. Again if correctly worn and weight appropriate, a lifejacket will not only keep you afloat but turn you onto your back. This will keep your face out of the water and help to keep you alive, even if you are not conscious. There are two types of lifejacket. MANUAL- which are activated by the wearer when entering the water but will not self-activate. AUTO - which will self-activate on entering the water even if the wearer is unconscious.

Therefore it is always important to make sure you have the correct device for your activity, and always stay safe.

We also carry 
Pet Buoyancy Aids
Lifebuoy Brackets
High visibility Floating Rope
Mast signals
Stainless Steel Grab rails

Signalling Visibilty

Signalling VisibiltyMast signals are an essential part of your safety equipment for all craft.

Besto Buoyancy Aids

Besto Buoyancy AidsWith a range of buoyancy aids from safety experts Besto we have you covered for all kinds of water sports and water based activities.  They are short cut for comfort in canoes and kayaks and are made from light PE foam.  Fully safety compliant we have sizes to fit everyone!


LifejacketsA lifejacket is an essential bit of kit for any boat and here we offer lifejackets for Babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.

Baltic Pet Buoyancy Aids

Baltic Pet Buoyancy AidsMany people have their dogs at sea with them.  These buoyancy aids will keep them afloat, visible, offer some protection against cold and heat and a means of hauling them out of the water!


LifebuoysLifebuoys are important pieces of safety equipment. In some situations they are a requirement.  Here at Compass Marine we have several different options to suit every budget.

Lifebuoy Brackets

Lifebuoy Brackets
The Nawa Lifebuoy Bracket & Baltic Lifebuoy Bracket will hold any standard lifebuoy and fixes to the rail or stanchion.

Stainless Steel Grab Rails

Stainless Steel Grab RailsVital for crew safety our stainless steel grab rails have a footplate for easy attaching.  The rail size is 22mm diameter and there are 5mm fixing holes.  Numerous uses....not just nautical!

Floating Rope

Floating RopeBright orange, highly visible, floating rope, when attached to a lifebuoy makes the retrieval of a man overboard simpler and safer.