Fitting Dock Fenders

Compass Marine PG1Compass Marine PG2Compass Marine PG3 and PG4Compass Marine PG5
PG1          PG2                PG3       PG5

  • Using stainless steel screws or grip-fast nails and washers about 5" or 6" apart, fix the pontoon fenders in the narrow flat strip on the top and bottom edges of the fendering to the top edge (PG1,2,5) and front edges (PG1,2,3,5) of the pontoon.
Plastimo 3/4 Dock Bumper Large Dock Bumpers
  • Either tie ropes or heavy duty cable ties through the grooves in the fender and onto the edge of the pontoon or using stainless steel screws or grip-fast nails and washers, fix through the fixing points on the fender.
1m Dock Bumpers
  • Fix in the same way as the large 3/4 but only to the front edge of the pontoon ensuring there is enough depth.  These can also be used on a piling.