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Compass Marine Dartmouth
Congratulations on navigating your way to the homepage of Compass Marine.
We have spent more than 25 years supplying marine equipment from our local fishermen right up to the London Olympic Organizers and have grown to be the largest fender specialist retailer in Europe.
So we know boats......and we know how to keep them safe.

Our products are carefully sourced from all over the world with our major partner being Majoni of Holland, the largest fender manufacturer in Europe. Our broad selection of suppliers also include Dan Fenders, Polyform, and Nawa accessories.

Not content with just selling the best brands we can find we also develop and manufacture a number of products which we felt were needed to make boating better. Stem fenders, RIB fenders, Inflatable fenders, fender covers, fender blankets, fender cushions (yes...we love fenders) are just some of the quality products supplied exclusively by Compass Marine.

So you can shop with the confidence that we love boats just as much as you do.

Brand New!  Talamex Dinghies, Electric Outboards & Dinghy Accessories 
Talamax Airfloor Dinghy Talamax Dinghy PumpTalamax Slatted Floor Dinghies
Special Introductory Offer - FREE UK Mainland postage on any boat purchased 

Standard & Round Fenders
Compass Marine Standard & Round FendersCompass Marine Standard & Round Fenders

Whatever your fendering needs you will find the fender
for you here.  Majoni Heavy Duty fenders, Majoni
Star Fenders
,Polyform F SeriesPolyform HTM Series,
Majoni Centre Hole Fenders, Majoni Single Eye Fenders,
Polyform Norway and Polyform US

We have Boat Fenders for every size craft and every budget.

Compass Marine BuoysCompass Marine BuoysCompass Marine Buoys

Compass Marine can offer you a great choice in
marker buoys, pick-up buoys and mooring buoys.
We have a great range of colours and sizes available.

Compass Marine were Suppliers of Buoys to the London 2012 Olympics!

Fender Storage
Compass Marine Fender StorageCompass Marine Fender StorageCompass Marine Fender Storage

All boats have limited storage space and fenders can be
cumbersome and bulky. Here we offer Fender Baskets
and Fender Bags - great space savers!

Tidy up those decks and lockers with these simple solutions!

Dock & Quay Fendering
Compass Marine Quay FenderingCompass Marine Quay Fendering

Good Pontoon fenders are essential as it adds
a layer of protection for your boat during rough
weather.  Choose from sturdy Dock Bumpers or
unobtrusive  extruded Quay Fenders.

makes mooring easier for single handed yachtsmen.

Fender Ropes, Cleats & Storage

Compass Marine Ropes, Cleats & Fender LinesCompass Marine Ropes. Cleats & StorageCompass Marine Fender Ropes, Cleats & Storage

Fender ropes
either loose or spliced onto your
Compass Marine fenders.  All our lines are Liros Rope
offered in standard white, black and blue as well as burgundy

Fender Lines plus rope tidies, cleats and safety rope.

Storage Nets
Compass Marine Storage NetCompass Marine Storage Net

Fantastic steel framed storage nets which screw onto
any flat surface. 

Ideal for boats, motorhomes, caravans,
canoes, sailing dinghies even kitchen cupboards or
kids bedrooms!

Mooring Lines & Mooring compensators
Compass Marine Mooring CopensatorCompass Marine Mooring LinesCompass Marine Mooring Lines

Ready made or bespoke 3 strand polyester Liros
mooring lines in 8mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm rope
We also offer ready made

Available in white, blue, black, burgundy.

Check out our Mooring Compensators.

Fender Covers & Anti Scuff Covers

Compass Marine Fender CoversCompass Marine Fender CoverCompass Marine Fender Covers

Made in-house, these are probably the hardest wearing
Fender Covers in the world! We stock Fender Covers 
for all Polyform Fenders and can make them to measure 
for any other fenders.
Available in Black and Blue

Produced exclusively by Compass Marine!

Flat Multi Fender

Compass Marine MultifenderCompass Marine Multi FenderCompass Marine Multi Fender

An extremely versatile flat fender, the Multi fender is so
flexible it can be used on stems, pontoons,
swim platforms.......the list goes on.....and on!

One of the most useful fenders we have ever seen!

Step Fenders
Compass Marine Fender Step

This great fender doubles as a handy step! 
Fender Step has a non-slip surface
at the top to prevent accidents while
climbing on and off your boat

Fender Step makes life easier for Captain & crew!

Stem Fenders
Compass Marine Stem FendersCompass Marine Stem Fenders

Developed, Designed and Manufactured right here at Compass
.  Stem Fenders are a revolution in Bow
They protect the entire length of the stem
of your boat and help to save hundreds of pounds in

Produced exclusively by Compass Marine!

Bow Fenders

Compass Marine Bow Fenders

When properly attached our
Bow Fenders
stay in position well for bow protection.

To fit any size of boat

Hull & Topside Protection
Compass Marine Hull & Topside Protection

Fender Cushions and Blankets are the ideal way of
protecting your topsides from abrasion and scuffs from
your fenders. Hang them between your boat and fenders
to provide extra protection.

Produced exclusively by Compass Marine!

Compass Marine Boathooks

Another must- have accessory for all boats.
Extending Boathooks are invaluable for
retrieval of buoys, lines or even the crew!

A piece of equipment you can't do without!

RIB & Inflatable Boat Fenders
Compass Marine Rib FendersCompass Marine Rib Fenders

The Rib Fender is made from shaped EVA foam and is
proving a must for owners wanting to protect the
tubes on their ribs or any inflatable tender.

Developed. designed and produced exclusively
by Compass Marine

Flags, Flagstaffs & Flagpole Holders

Flags, Flagpoles and flagpole Holders

Courtesy Flags
& Ensigns are an integral
part of boating etiquette so Compass Marine
offers a great range of flagpole holders,
flagstaffs, flags,ensigns & bunting

Great quality at affordable prices.

Safety Equipment & Lifejackets
Compass Marine Safety ProductsCompass Marine Safety Equipment & LifejacketsCompass Marine Safety Products

Safety is one of the most important issues on board ship.
We have a select range of safety products including
Pet Buoyancy Aids, Children's Lifejackets,
Lifebuoys & Floating Rope.

Keep the crew safe but don't break the bank!

Anchor Ring
Compass Marine Anchor Ring

Protect the stem and topsides of your boat
from the anchor with this excellent
little Anchor Ring Fender.

Clever fenders save you money!

Fender Pumps
Compass Marine Fender Pumps

A must for any equipment locker, a handy,
double action, stowable pump especially
to inflate or top up your fenders

Comes with full adaptor set

Rope Fenders, Canal Boat Fenders
& Narrowboat Fenders
Compass Marine Rope Fenders, Canal Boat Fenders & Narrowboat FendersCompass Marine Rope Fenders, Canal Boat Fenders & Narrowboat FendersCompass Marine Rope Fenders, Canal Boat Fenders & Narrowboat Fenders

River boats often require much heavier fendering
or much narrower fendering to allow for passage
through locks.  So here we offer fenders for the
heaviest Narrowboats & Barges to the smallest
River Craft.

All rope fenders are now on 25% Discount
(strictly while stocks last!)

Fender Cleaner
Compass Marine Fender Cleaner

Used by the team at Compass Marine
this fender cleaner is great for
keeping your fenders looking
tip-top and Bristol fashion!.