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Mooring Lines

Mooring Lines are a vital part of any boat's equipment.  Here at Compass Marine we make up our own range of Liros ready spliced polyester mooring lines.  These have an eye spliced into one end, making it easy to loop over the dock cleats on arrival at port. Polyester rope is ideal for mooring lines as it has less stretch then nylon and remains soft.
Available in 4 sizes of rope - 8mm, 12mm, 14mm & 16mm, we can cater for vessels up to about 50ft. We can supply larger rope if required.

Need help calculating the length of mooring line you require?  For our useful guide to measuring for mooring lines click here

Anti Scuff Products

Anti Scuff ProductsHeavy-duty Anti-Scuff Sleeves prevent scuffing from ropes and lines against your hull and top sides.

Ready Made Mooring Lines

Ready Made Mooring LinesMade in house at Compass Marine from top quality, LIROS 3 strand polyester rope, these packs of 2 mooring line represent unbeatable value.

Bespoke Mooring Lines

Bespoke Mooring LinesAt Compass Marine we are able to offer a bespoke mooring line sevice. The sizes available are 8mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm in White, Blue, Black and Burgundy. Green is no longer available.

Talamex Mooring Compensators

Talamex Mooring CompensatorsMooring Compensators or Snubbers are fantastic bits of kit that take all the stress out of your mooring lines and deck cleats - thus prolonging the life of both.  Talamex Mooring Compensators are easy to fit, resistant to UV and salt water.